About Me

I'm Angela, a 29 year old teacher, wife to my loving husband Tim, and someday, mother-to-be of a Space Dog (http://www.spacedogs.ca/) and maybe even a tiny human; hopefully says my mom, mother-in-law AND step mother-in-law, if they're reading this!

I started this blog in April of 2011 after being inspired by other bloggers, and also as a way to get my thoughts down - particularly those that reveal my indecisiveness, hence the title, since that pretty much happens in my daily life. 

I love reading, travelling, shopping, spending time with family and friends (even though I don't see them often enough!), cats (although I'm entertaining the idea of a dog), interior design, and things related to the computer (Facebook, email, blogs, forums).  Sometimes I think I maybe went into the wrong profession, but if I sat at a computer all day, maybe I wouldn't like it as much as I do and wouldn't have come to this point.

So, hopefully you enjoy my ramblings, but if not, just X me out in the top right corner!

And if you need or want to contact me, just email me: angela.nutbrown@gmail.com