Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SOLD! ...

Yes, there is a dot, dot, dot. Our house must pass the home inspection this Thursday and the people buying our house must sell theirs before July 20th.

Everything happened super fast and we debated about whether or not we should accept the offer all weekend long. We discussed pros and cons, wrote them down, talked to family members, contemplated the future, hummed and hawed over having to pay the agent 2.5%, but finally we decided that, yes, it was probably in our best interest to sell.

So, the home inspection is Thursday and then we wait to see if their place sells. Their agent is extremely confident that it should sell within a couple of weeks, so I guess we will find out.

If this all goes through, the closing date will be August 18.

Isn't it ironic that today is the first day of summer, yet I am basically saying good-bye to it. Ahhh, such is life! I will not be moving again for a LONG time.

PS: The agent that we have been dealing with is Annette Blake from Remax Twin City in Kitchener.  She has been fab-u-lous, especially considering she is not even OUR agent, but the buyer's agent.  If you want a realtor who knows her stuff, we'd recommend her.  Nice little plug for her, and yes, she is as funky as she looks!  :)

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