Thursday, July 07, 2011

Europe Bound!

In just a couple of days, the hubs and I will be headed for France, Croatia and Greece!

I included the above in the little pre-travel packages that we gave to people that were coming to our wedding in Cabo.  It would really come in handy right about now, but I, of course, have no idea where the rest of the package went to!

I am in the midst of packing.  The hubs got the suitcases out the other day, so they are sitting, just waiting to be filled.  We are still debating about taking that blue one .... it's a huge b*tch!  We do have another one that is about the same size as the larger green one, so that is an option.

As I pack, I continue to make a mess all over the house....

In the master bedroom...

In the room-with-an-ironing-board-and-chair...

 In the bathroom...

Even the kitchen is becoming a disaster.  However, I plan to clean the entire house once we're all packed, because I hate coming home to a mess.

Figuring out what to pack has been hard.  Not only have I never been to Europe and therefore have no idea what to expect, the whole different power system over there was freaking me out.  I stressed out about my hair straightener for days, before finally just sucking it up and buying a new one from Winners (thanks for that idea, Linds!).  It doesn't work as good as my regular one, but it was only $40 and it's dual voltage, so I won't be blowing anything up.  I had to look into international phone plans to decide if it was even worth it (it's not), buy adapters, and get Euros for spending money, all while still thinking about what clothes to take!

The weather looks like it's going to be amazing, so I have laid out everything from dresses to my DIY jean shorts (yes, I really did that and surprisingly, they are not toooo terrible, according to some wise SB people).  I have a feeling when I try and put it all in the suitcase, it's going to overflowing.

 However, I still don't everything I need.  After counting today, I don't have enough underwear for the length of time we're gone....unless I want to go and start pulling out old, crappy ones that are super uncomfortable.  TMI?  Maybe.  Sorry, but it's the truth, so off to La Senza I go!

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