Monday, September 05, 2011

Where Has Summer Gone???

Is it really September already?  The summer flew by, as it always does.  Yes, I went on amazing trip, but the rest of the time?!  It all seems a blur now.

Tomorrow I will be starting at a new school, with a new class, doing basically a new job.  I expect it to be very different than what I have been doing the past 4 years.  I will sooo miss my old school, students and colleagues.  I am panicking inside, but I am sure it will be fine, as it always is.

I hope to try and stay on top of this blog and continue writing about my trip (I WILL finish it at some point) and also keep pumping out the DIY projects, as well as any other ramblings that come to my indecisive mind.

Stay classy!  ;)

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