Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Sale...

So, there's our FOR SALE sign.  It's been there since the end of November/beginning of December.  I can't even remember the exact date right now, but it feels like a long time that it's been up. 

Many people have questioned why our house is even for sale.  We had it built just two and a half years ago.  It's definitely big enough to raise a family in.  We've got backyard space like we wanted.  Perfect, right?  It seemed like it then, and it might still be.  We are so back and forth on this! 

We had tons of problems with the house when it was built.  I won't go into detail, but anyone who knows us also knows what we dealt with.  I would never recommend our builder to anyone!  Everything has been fixed (except the giant ditch to the left of our house, which we've been calling about, but to no avail, nothing has been done yet!!!), but we do wonder, what will those "fixes" be like in ten years?

Our house is also huge.  I know, I know - what is the problem?!  Well, it's a lot of cleaning and A LOT of unused space.  For example, check out our one bedroom, or should I call it the ironing room?  Or maybe the chair room?  Or how about the sit-in-a-chair-and-watch-someone-iron-room?

One of the things we wanted when we were looking for a house last time was a pool.  I know the amount of upkeep it is, because I had one growing up (though it wasn't me who did most of the work - thanks Mom & Dad!) and also because we have friends who have had them.  When we bought this house, we thought the backyard was big enough for a pool.  It is, though a pool would probably take the whole thing up and also, it would probably be our "trip" for the next 40 years, because they cost so much to put in.  

So, those are basically the reasons that we put it up for sale, to see what happens.  We did/do have another house in mind.  It was being built and is now done and the builder is living in it, waiting for someone (us??) to buy it.  It's a smaller, cheaper house with loads of backyard space - big enough for a pool and then some!

But, we like it here too, so do we stay and hope that we don't have many problems to fix in the future?  Or hope that we have a family big enough to fill it?  Or just spend the ridiculous amount of money to put a pool in, because that's what we want?

Or do we move back to the city, because come September, I will be working there too.

If someone were to come along and really want to buy our house, I guess we'd be forced to make a decision.  But for now, that sign is sitting stale on our front lawn with the worst real estate agents ever (well, next to a certain someone.......), us!  That is a whole other story though, and if I told it, you might understand why we are trying to sell on our own.  Wellesley is definitely a different market though, and it's not as easy to sell a big, family home in a quaint little town.

So, if you know anyone interested in buying a home in Wellesley....send them here!


  1. Or how about the sit-in-a-chair-and-watch-someone-iron-room?
    bahahaha. I enjoy this room. May I try it out one day?

  2. I am completely in awe of your house! Our company has a large office in Kitchener-Waterloo area and it certainly is a helluva lot cheaper than downtown

    Hmm...might be time to think about a relocation!

  3. Keira - For sure, the iron room can be yours!

    Linds - Aww, thanks. Definitely!! We can work out a good deal ;)

  4. Hey there? Whereabouts are you located? Perhaps ComFree can you give your property a little push via social media? Let me know.