Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Decisions as of late ....

Since the premise of this blog has to do with my ramblings, particularly those around indecision, I thought I should develop a list of what topics we (meaning the Hubs & I) tend to discuss and have been trying to make decisions around lately.

1. To move or not to move (house is for sale, but should it really be?  where are we going?)

2. Dog (a friend for life, or are we still too selfish?)

3. Painting/adding decor to the master bedroom (we both want gray, but I have some issues - post to follow on this at some point, I'm sure!  And if we're moving, do we really need to paint?)

4. Fence, patio, driveway (this year or not?  are we staying or not?)

5. Trip to Europe (yay!  it can be crossed off, because it's booked as of April 23, 2011!)

So, it appears as though we have one huge decision to make before making a bunch of the smaller decisions and that is #1 on the list....moving.....

More to come on that - maybe tomorrow - but for now, my bed is calling my name!

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