Monday, May 30, 2011

Backsplash Blues

Well, at this point, we are discouraged enough with trying to sell this house that we've pretty much decided to stay.  So, we've said all along that if we're staying, we're doing more things to make it feel like home. 

Our most recent adventures have taken us to flooring stores, where we've scoured sample boards to try and find tile that we would like for a backsplash in the kitchen. 

This is hard.  It's like looking for a wedding dress; there are just SO many.

After looking at tons, we decided on a few samples to take home and try from one store.  Then two days later, we went to another store and got some more samples, and booked a time to have an employee come out to our house, measure, and draw up a quote for us. 

Here are some of our options:

We had a lot more, but I narrowed it down to the ones we are actually deciding between.  I think.  It's either one of these, or we go back and try and find something else altogether.

It's hard because our counter seems to be a little "busy", so the tile can't be too busy, otherwise the counter and backsplash tile will be competing with each other....sort of like Helen and Annie in Bridesmaid (which I just saw on the weekend - so funny....and raunchy!  Haha!)

So, Tim's favourite is the slate - it always is, no matter where we look, and what we look at (floors, backsplash, patio stones).  He just seems to love slate.  Me, on the other hand, am not a superfan.  However, I don't actually mind the one we picked.  I prefer a polished slate, if any, and while this isn't, it's not as orange-y as a lot I've seen.  I think it looks better in person than in this picture, but here's a look at it with the counter.

This next picture doesn't do this tile justice at all.  And it's a crappy picture, but maybe you  can get the idea?  The lighter parts really go with the stainless steel appliances.  Ok, so maybe you're saying who really cares about that part, but I know those are not going anywhere and should they ever need to be replaced while we are living here, we'd probably still get stainless again, so it'd always match.

The picture below shows our initial favourites, but they are not really options anymore.  The left one is just too busy and the right is just too plain and matchy with the floor. 

So, we've narrowed it down to these ....for now.  We determined that we love the random strip pattern and as always, it's the most expensive option for backsplash tile.  That just seems to be the way with us.  I guess we'll just wait and see what the quote comes back as and go from there.

Can you see any of these working in our kitchen?? 


  1. 4th pic Ange! :)

  2. agree- I like the 4th pic too :)

  3. I am loving the 4th pic, too! I think it would be the best match for your cabinet's colors. I love the long line shaped tires a lot more than square. I think it's very contemporary and makes a space feel wider.