Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #1

I know it's not the official Pinterest Challenge time as per Sherry Petersik at Young House Love and Katie Bower at Bower Power Blog, but hey, I'm on my own timeline - especially now that summer is here!  :)

A friend and I made a goal yesterday before leaving work.  The goal: make two things from Pinterest before the end of the summer.

I'm already halfway to meeting my goal, Jenn!!!

I saw this photo on Pinterest a little while ago...

I thought the beer can cake was so cool!  I've been seeing more and more of these types of 'cakes': diapers, school supplies, and now, beer!

We have a 30th party to go to tonight for one of our friends, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

My first step was to creep Facebook and see what brand of beer he actually drinks.  Random and stalker'ish'? Maybe.  Resourceful - yes!  Stella Artois was it!

Then I grabbed a platter from the dollar store - just a plain white one, as it seemed to be the sturdiest. 

I went to Michael's figuring they MUST have ribbon that said Happy Birthday on it, but they only had one roll and it was clearly girly with its pinks, purples and light green.  I needed something a bit more masculine.  I could've went with something plain, but then I noticed Party City across the street.  I headed over there in search of something and came across those foil birthday banners.  They had lots of different ones, so I picked one of those, after trying to decide for about 10 minutes.  Yes, for real.

Next stop, beer store, where I picked up a 12 pack of Stella.

I took everything home and set to trying to put everything together.  Admittedly, I dropped a few cans on the floor and finally decided to use some tape to hold everything in place, since the beers cans don't sit on top of each other really well, unless they are directly on top of the one underneath it.

I got everything stacked, then just used some leftover 30th birthday napkins from my husband's party to make a bow. 

This was my final result:

It turned out pretty cool, but I still think I like the original Pinterest photo and how the ribbon around the cans is not as wide as the banner I got.  Also, I love the lime green in the bow, but it doesn't go perfectly with the banner. 

My husband was thoroughly impressed though, especially with the fact that it's made from beer, so hopefully the recipient will enjoy it too!

Happy birthday Todd!  :)

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