Monday, April 25, 2011

All good things must come to an end ....

And no, I don't mean this blog!  At least not yet.  I've got to give it a chance.  Of course, I have questioned myself already, wondering if I made it public too soon.  You'll notice I've already changed the template, header and fonts ... but I guess that is to be expected with me.  I will probably change my mind on those things a thousand times before I decide it's "right".

The good thing coming to an end is Easter weekend.  It seems you look so forward to a long weekend or holidays and then it comes, but ends in a flash.  That is what this weekend felt like!

It started on Friday with my husband's side of the family Easter dinner, combined with our nephew's 5th birthday party.  In a whirlwind of his gift opening - including tossing the clothes to the side - sorry Meg :( - too much wine and food, and going to bed too early, it was over all too soon.

Here's a pic of the little guy before he got to the clothes, and his fabulous cake (made by Auntie Jennah!)

We woke up Saturday morning with big plans to get a bunch of stuff accomplished before my family was to arrive for the Easter dinner I was making. 

The biggest thing we needed to accomplish; finally get our summer trip to Europe booked!!!!  We've been talking about it for months, knowing for sure that we wanted to go to Croatia, as our friends are getting married there on July 16th.  But of course, it's Europe and can you really just go to one country?  Probably yes, but we thought we're going to be over there anyways, Tim took 3 weeks off from work in a row, we've saved money from our wedding, so let's do it up right!  I can't even tell you how long it took to us (yes, not just me!) decide what "doing it up right" would be.  In fact, I still don't know that we've got it right, but I do know that I will be seeing 3 countries that I've never seen before starting on July 10th and I am pumped!  We're starting off in France, then heading to Croatia, then off to the Greek Islands for a 4 night cruise and ending the trip in Athens.  The travel agent we booked through at Flight Centre deserves a freakin' medal for putting up with us, giving us quote after quote as we tried to decide what was best for us.  Yay Natasha!  Also, now that the trip is booked, I've managed to avoid a punch in the face that was to be delivered if we hadn't booked by April 15.  We were 8 days late, but she lives in Toronto.  :)

So, back to my Saturday.  Did I mention I was cooking a turkey for my family?  I was, and while we were booking our trip at the mall, the turkey was still sitting at the store, waiting to be picked up, seasoned, plopped in the pan, and cooked till golden brown.  I was a little nervous, as this was only my second turkey, but then I thought, hey, can Better Homes and Gardens cookbook really have it wrong?

Sure enough - they did. 

We escaped the mall travel agency around 2:15, since she had to draw up our invoice and actually book the flights, etc.  We quickly went and picked up the turkey, went home, made Tim get all the nastiness out of the inside of the turkey and got it in the oven, and then went back to pay and sign all our documents. 

When we got home from the mall and grabbing some last minute stuff we needed for dinner, my family was already there.  Oops, fail.  We weren't even there to greet them and they had to let themselves in.  Then, we check the bird and to my dismay, it looks like this:

Ok, maybe a little more brown, but not really.  There was no way we were going to be eating at 6pm.  Luckily, my family had a good laugh about it all and while I really wanted to cry, I didn't - because really, we were still all together, there was other food and most importantly, there was wine.  Ha!  We finally managed to sit down and eat close to 9pm.  I learned my lesson though.  No matter what size bird you are cooking, don't follow the cookbook and just stick it in the oven in the early morning!

Sunday was spent cleaning cars and doing laundry.

Finally, today, Easter Monday.  Last day of the long weekend.  I decided since Tim was working, I'd go out and do a bit of shopping.  I've never been one to hit up thrift stores, but I decided (yep, I did!) I would go to one today to see if they had any great finds.  Some of the blogs that I enjoy reading find fabulous thrift store items for mere cents!  Anyway, I went and found nothing and was slightly sad about that, but maybe I can try again sometime.

Better go find that husband of mine!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  :)

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  1. Hahaha, the turkey! I actually have never yet cooked a turkey, it intimidates me. One Christmas at my sister's house, we ended up defrosting the turkey with a hair dryer! It worked out in the end.
    Take an experienced thrift store shopper with you next time, they will spot the good finds. I think it is an art. My sister always comes away with the most amazing things!
    I'm really enjoying your blog. Too funny!