Wednesday, May 11, 2011

$20 Bootcamp = FAIL

A few weeks ago, a friend decided for convinced me to purchase a steal of a deal on The deal: $20 for 20 classes of bootcamp. Wow, ok, great! Last April, I did a bootcamp through and while it was awesome (and worked!), it was also expensive ... around $160 for 8 classes. So, it made sense ... the deal was cheap, I get to work out with a friend, it gets me outside and doing exercise (which is much needed since I've done nothing since the wedding!).

The camp runs from May 2 - 27 and is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's now May 11 and I have made it to two out of five classes. And it was the first two. FAIL.

However, I have to say, if I am going to drive almost half an hour to work out for one hour, you better be a heck of an instructor. She's not. She lacks enthusiasm and motivation, and doesn't even do the exercises with us. She also makes us do ground exercises, on a garbage bag, in a field that is muddy and wet when there are numerous other, DRY places in the park.

I did have a prior obligation for the first class I missed, and the last two I was under the weather, yet I still managed to go for a run (yes, a run, me....who would've ever thought?!)around town with the hubster. So, I am least trying to fit my exercise in.  It's a start right?!

Apparently a $20 bootcamp isn't quite motivating enough.


  1. Does this mean that you've made a decision about said bootcamp!? ;)

  2. As long as bootcamp is motivating you(us!) to at least get off our asses then it's all good! So what if we don't go to long as we're doing something! (Oh, and I've only been to 3 of 5!) And what is this about me deciding for you!!?? Pretty sure I just gave you the info to do what you wanted to with it! ;) I'm glad you said yes...even if I have only seen you 2 days so far! lol