Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Night Already?

Well, for a long weekend, it seemed to go pretty fast.

I only did some of what I expected to do this weekend, but all in all, it was a good one and while it went fast, it was still nice to have the extra day.

We ended up going to our local restaurant with friends for dinner.  You can check out the website, including the menu, here:  Haha!  A nice little plug for our small town restaurant that we frequent far too often. 

On Saturday, we got up early and I'm talking like regular-time-that-I-get-up-for-work early - on a Saturday!!!  I guess stranger things have happened, but I usually love to sleep in, even though I tend to regret it later and feel like I've wasted half the day.  But not on Saturday, the hubster and I got up and went for a walk around town and even hit up some garage sales to see if we could score some amazing finds.  We didn't.  After that, we headed to a garden centre and picked out some plants to put in our planters.  We came home, did that, got sunburnt and then had drinks with the neighbours.  Fun times. 

On Sunday, my friend Nora and I went shopping in the States.  Hubs decided he didn't want to spend the entire day shopping and Nora, bless her heart :), was happy to join me for a little excursion over the border.  We got some great deals.  For myself, I got two dresses (one from J.Crew and one from MetroPark - see below),

 two shirts (J.Crew and Target), a bedskirt, set of sheets and some sock monkey slippers. LOVE!  

I already posted the slippers to Facebook because I was just too excited about them   We got a girl border guard on the way back, and therefore had to pay duty.  Girls are the worst!!!  Luckily, it was only an extra $20 and since they were good deals and our dollar is up anyway, I was ok with it.

Today, my allergies were out of control annoying.  However, we managed to hit up Lowes (my new, favourite, home reno type store!) since their garden centre was open and we needed some more plants.  We debated going to see Bridesmaids since the theatre was right there, but then decided we should get home actually plant the plants and get some cleaning done.  So we did.  I also did a ton of laundry, including washing the sheet set that I bought yesterday.

The sheets deserve their own paragraph.  I was so disappointed.  My first mistake, I suppose, was deciding on the spot to buy them.  So impulsive, I was.  Tsk.  Then today I decided throw the little bag that the sheets came in into the wash with all the rest of the stuff.  Bad idea.  It had Velcro on it.  So, when I went to put the sheets in the dryer, the Velcro on the little bag had attached itself to one of the pillowcases and let me tell you, it did not want to let go.  I used all my might and yanked it off and afterwards, it looked like our next-door neighbours new kitten had got ahold of it.  That aside though, they are just the wrong colour.  In the store they looked like a nice, turquoise colour and in our room, they look more like a hospital green. 

FAIL.  Not quite the look we were going for.  But, they are soft, not white like most of our others and I guess we can always use sheets.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Back to work tomorrow!

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