Monday, May 16, 2011

Should I (We) Stay or Should I (We) Go?

Insert song here, a little background music if you will.

Someone is coming to look at our house tonight.  She has a family, including four children.  It's basically what we've been saying all along - that we need a big family to come and buy this house.  So, could this be it?  The bigger question, do we want this to be it?

Initially when we put the house up for sale, we had a plan in mind which I think I outlined in a previous post somewhere.  That plan was to hopefully sell this house fairly quickly, purchase another house that was being built (sorry, no pics!  I keep meaning to go over and take one, but I keep forgetting) in enough time that we would still be able to choose things for the inside, since it was a custom builder building it. 

Fast forward to now, that house is done and we basically picked nothing.  Do we like it, yes?  Do we love it?  Perhaps we could grow to love it, but there are things that we know we would've done differently. 

Just over the weekend, we talked about what we were going to do; stay or go? 

Then we got the call from this lady wanting to move to Wellesley, wanting to buy a large, loving our neighbourhood, etc. 

As a side note, she set up an appointment for Wednesday at 6:30 and then called today and asked if she could come tonight.  Panic!  This house has never been cleaned so fast, but you should see it now!!!!

Who's to say this will go anywhere?  Maybe she will hate it, but what if she loves it and wants to buy it?!

We were leaning towards staying .......... so, should we stay or should we go?

What would you do? ----->  See poll at side!  :)

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